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Condex Energy

Introducing The ConDex Energy Recovery System, the breakthrough technology from Combustion and Energy Systems that perfects the recovery of heat from exhaust gases. Flue gases from boilers, turbines, ovens, dryers, etc. - single or multiple sources of waste heat, the ConDex System recovers tremendous amounts of waste energy and returns it directly to your operation. In fact, the ConDexCondensing Heat Recovery System is so effective that the payback period can be as short as six months - and the savings are guaranteed.

Heat energy from any source, Boiler, Engine, Gas Turbine, Dryer, Incinerator etc.  can be captured and utilized using the Condex system.  All heat sources can contribute in one system, or each stack can have it's own recovery equipment.

When hot exhaust gas or air is cooled beyond it's condensation point, the moisture starts to move from a vapor phase to a liquid phase, releasing energy.  This energy of condesation is what makes the condensing economizer so much more efficient than a standard economizer alone. 

Liquids that are currently heated by electricity or steam can now be heated using waste energy in exhaust gases, saving the fuel and cost of the original heat source. 


       waste heat recovery from thermal fluid heaters at Gortons Fish - Gloucester, MA          Veolia Energy - district heating plant energy recovery