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Fenix - Hydro-dynamic Steam Traps

The Fenix steam trap is a hydro-dynamic trap using venturi technology to contiuously remove condensate without passing live steam.  The traps are designed specifically for each application and will reduce steam waste and eliminate condensate backups that can cause operational problems for the equipment being protected.  The Fenix trap has no moving parts and is guaranteed for 15 years although it is built to last much longer.




The Fenix traps come in multiple configurations to match the existing trap configuration so that minimal work is needed to install the new trap.  Flanged, threaded and socket welded designs are all available.

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How does it work?

condex running

When condensate is pushed by high pressure steam to the trap, the condensate is forced through an orifice opening to the venturi.  As the condensate passes into the venturi section where the pressure reduces, the condensate will flash with the resulting flash steam pressure building to restrain the flow of condensate through the orifice.   The system is self regulating under varying loads.

During cold start-up conditions the trap will pass 3 times the volume of condensate since there is no flashing and resulting back pressure of the "cold" condensate.



Fenix traps include an easy to maintain filter to keep particles from plugging the orifice.  With regular maintenance there will be no wear of the orifice allowing the trap to perform for many years as it has the day it was installed. 

Fenix EF Trap fenix constant condensate fenix no wear


 The Fenix Benefits

              • 10 to 25% steam savings
              • Reduced maintenance costs
              • Reduced plant downtime
              • Improved process stability
              • Potential production increase