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(formerly Haldor Topsoe)

The SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) DeNOx process is the most efficient process for removing nitrogen oxides -NOx- from gases,  offering NOx-reduction efficiencies up to 99%.  In the SCR process NOx reacts with ammonia injected into the gas over a catalyst to form molecular nitrogen and water vapor without creating any secondary pollutants.

Umicore's SCR DeNOx technology and DNX catalyst series are the results of extensive in-house research and development and can be tailored to meet any client or legislative requirements.

Headered Memebrain
Corregation is varied based on the application.
Package Boiler
A controlled pore volume is generated on the catalyst surface.


Rentech Boiler Systems, Inc.
Active catalytic materials are impregnated on a corregated monolyth and encased in element boxes.


High reactivity and resistance to masking and poisons make the DNX catalyst

by Umicore stand above other catalyst for industrial applications.

The structure of Umicore's DNX catalyst provides for three different surface pore sizes. This feature gives the catalyst a very high activity with conversions in excess of 95% as well as better resistance to typical masking and catalyst poisons. 

                                   The NEW GT-Series DNX Catalyst

Umicore has developed a new series of Gas Turbine catalysts for NOx AND CO oxydation.  It is now possible to locate the CO catalyst with the SCR catalyst downstream of the ammonia injection point.  Savings in physical space along with pressure drop can be realized by eliminating the high temperature CO catalyst, but also due to the high reactivity of the new GT series, catalyst volumes can be reduced for the same performance. 

Click here to see more of the benefits included in the GT-Series catalyst for Gas Turbine applications.

Umicore is a US Leader in Catalyst

  • Efficiency: up to 98% (NOx outlet less than 1ppm)
  • Ammonia Slip: Less than 0.25 ppm
  • Operating life: over 100,000 hours w/o replacement
  • Scale: 13,000,000 lbs/hr. (1,300 MWe)
  • SO2 oxidation: as low as <0.05%
  • Operating Temp: as low as 300 deg. F to as high as 1,050 F
  • Dust Content: Up to 25%