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Peerless MFG. Co.
Peerless MFG. Company

Peerless MFG. Co.
Ammonia Injection Grid

HRSG Cogeneration
Aqueous Ammonia, Anhydrous Ammonia and Urea based SCR Systems

Peerless has supplied SCR systems behind all turbine size and types from Solar Taurus through Siemens W501G firing Natural Gas and Fuel Oils.

Anhydrous and Aqueous ammonia designs are available. Aqueous system vaporizers can be electric, steam or flue gas recirculation type.

CO Catalyst is also offered to fit in the Peerless designed reactor housing.

Peerless MFG. Co.
Ammonia Flow Control Unit
(Dual Aqueous Electric Vaporizer Shown)

Package Boiler SCR System
Peerless has designs for boilers from 500 HP through 250k PPH. A simple and very cost effective system based on bottled anhydrous ammonia can meet the latest emission requirements without sophisticated and complex burner equipment and high flue gas recirculation rates.

Aqueous systems for larger package boilers are also available.

Peerless MFG. Co.
Bottled Anhydrous ammonia feeds this skid
mounted flow control unit for a small package
boiler application.

Two LM-6000 Simple Cycle SCR Systems. Including Breeching, Silencer, CO Catalyst, Ammonia Handling and Stack.

Simple Cycle SCR Systems
Complete systems including SCR Components, SCR Catalyst, CO Catalyst duct work, stack and silencer.


Ammonia Handling Equipment
Peerless supplies ammonia handling equipment including tanks, truck unloading skids and transfer pumps.



Turnkey Responsibility available.


UREA Reagent Options

Aqueous Ammonia Storage Tank with pump skid and truck unloading skid.