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BMR Thermal Consulting


  • Boiler and Combustion Consulting
  • System evaluations
  • Preliminary specification development
  • Proposal reviews
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Drawing and documentation reviews
  • Installation and start-up support

DeJong Combustion

Duct Burners and Supplementary Firing Systems


R&V Brander MG 17,5_montage_2


  • Duct Burners For Supplementary Firing of Turbine Exhaust
  • Air Heating Applications
  • Gas And Liquid Fuels
  • Straight Element  / In Duct Register
  • Fuel Trains and BMS Systems
  • Burner Spare Parts

CCA Combustion Systems

Burners and Systems for Reduced Emissions

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  • Register Type Boiler Burners
  • SNCR Systems
  • Overfire Air Systems
  • Urea and Ammonia Systems

Peerless MFG. Co.
Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
for NOx and CO Reduction Including:

Peerless MFG. Co.
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  • Ammonia Flow Control Unit
  • Ammonia Injection Grid
  • Catalyst Housing
  • Catalyst Material
  • Ammonia Storage
  • SCR Control Equipment

Haldor Topsoe

SCR and CO Oxydation Catalyst

Haldor Topsoe

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  • SCR Catalyst
  • CO Catalyst
  • High and Low Particulate Options
  • Very High Reactivity
  • Catalyst Testing
  • Catalyst System Design

Condex Energy Systems

Condesing Economizers & Heat Recovery



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  • Gas to Liquid Heat Recovery
  • Standard Boiler Economizer
  • Condesing Heat Exchanger
  • Make-up Water Heating
  • Process Liquid Heating
  • Complete Exhaust Packages


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

SWEP Heat Exchangers Click here for more info
  • Small Footprint
  • Lower hold-up volume
  • No Gaskets to Replace
  • High and Low Temperature

Munters Des Champs

Air to Air Heat Exchangers

Munters Heat Exchangers


Des Champs Home

  • Gas to Air Heat Exchangers
  • Air to Air Heat Exchangers
  • De-Humidification Systems
  • Energy Recovery for Industrial Process

Chemithon Corporation
Chemical Process Equipment
for Pollution Control including:

Chemithon Corp.
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  • UREA to Ammonia Conversion
  • SNCR Ammonia Systems
  • Flue Gas Conditioning Equipment

IES Inc.
Stack & Breaching Equipment Including:

IES Inc. Click here for more info
  • Single & Dual Wall Insulated Stacks
  • Self Supporting, Guyed or Structurally Supported
  • Dampers and Expansion Joints
  • Commercial/Industrial/Utility

Nationwide Boiler Incorporated

Boiler Rentals

Nationwide Boiler
  • Trailer, Mobile or Skid Mount Boilers
  • 50HP to 200K PPH
  • Environmental Options available
  • Complete packages