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What's New?


Haldor Topsoe stationary emission catalyst business aquired by Umicore

Haldor Topsoe, the worlds leading catalyst manufacturer for the chemical and oil & gas industries has sold their very successful pollution control division to Umicore, a global materials technology and recycling group dedicated to clean technologies including emission control catalysts, rechargeable batteries adn recycling.  See more here  Umicore aquires Haldor Topsoe emissino control catalyst activities.

FENIX hydro-dynamic steam traps for energy savings and improved performance

The FENIX steam traps are venturi type traps with no moving parts, and guaranteed for 15 years but designed to last more the lifetime of the plant.  Properly selected, the installation of a FENIX trap will reduce steam losses by 15 - 20% and improve the performance of the device being protected.  Check out our page on FENIX here for more information.


White Paper - Ultra Low NOx burner technology vs integrated combustion

and post combustion emission control

There is an efficient, simple and flexible alternative to Ultra Low NOx burner technology for reducing NOx and CO emissions to single digit ppm levels. click here to read more.

Burner and Combustion Spare Parts Available

BMR Thermal Inc are now offering burner spare parts including atomizer components, spinners & shields, valves, switches, gauges, flame scanners, igniters and cabinet air conditioners.  Click here to see the many manufacturers included in our offering.  If you don't see it, please contact us and ask!



Haldor Topsoe develops new product for particulate and NOx reduction

Haldor Topsoe and FLSmidth have joined forces to market a game changing catalytic filter bag technology.  read the press release here.  Contact BMR Thermal for more information.

Three Paths to Cleaner Air

BMR Thermal Inc offer three paths to cleaner air in New England. Low NOx combustion products that lower the emissions of green house gases, energy recovery equipment that reduce the amount of fuel necessary to do the same work and pollution control equipment that scrub the pollutants out of the exhaust before they leave the stack.

Combustion - Low emission burner consulting

Heat Recovery -     condensing economizers

air to air heat exchangers

plate heat exchangers

Pollution Control - Complete SCR systems for NOx & CO

      Replacement SCR catalyst

S.T. Johnson - Burners for Commercial and Small Industrial Applications



The addition of S.T. Johnson to our list of equipment manufacturers brings combustion equipment for fire tube boilers from 200 to 2,000 HP, fired heaters and small water tube boilers.  Johnson is a leader in low NOx and Ultra Low NOx burner technology for these applications and we expect to see more requirements for reduced emissions from small industrial and commercial boilers in New England.   We are happy to be able to promote one of the best alternatives for combustion products avaialble in S.T. Johnson!

SWEP - Brazed plate Heat Exchangers

Waste heat recovery is a primary area of supply for BMR Thermal and SWEP is one of the worlds leading suppliers of brazed plate heat exchangers.  SWEP has solutions for industrial, commercial, district heating, HVAC applications and can meet most custom design application requirements with deliveries not much more than standard catalog deliveries. 

Nationwide Boiler - Rental Steam Systems

BMR Thermal Inc are now proudly representing Nationwide Boiler Incorporated for rental boiler systems from 50 HP to 200k PPH.  Nationwide has a large selection of mobile steam generators and mobile boiler rooms equipped with everything necessary to get your plant back up and operating including emissions technology to meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Some New Case Histories Available:

Twin Rivers Technologies

Showcasing John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Low NOx burner products for Gas and Liquid fuels, IES Exhaust products and Nationwide rental boilers.

Rock Tenn Paper

Showcasing a Dual Zone Condex waste heat recovery system used in a Paper Mill application.


Heat Recovery Products

BMR Thermal have recently added two product lines for Waste Heat Recovery equipment.  The Condex line of condensing heat exchangers provides equipment to recoup energy from waste gas streams and hot dryer exhaust streams to heat liquids such as water, glycol, cooking oil etc...  The Condex is more than an economizer in that it takes advantage of both sensible and latent energy in the gas stream.

The Des Champs Technology line of air to air heat exchangers provides equipment to recoup energy from waste gas and hot air streams to heat air for building make up, combustion pre-heat, product drying etc.   The heat exchanger can also cool exhaust streams to reduce volume, making back end pollution control equipment smaller and less costly.




UREA to Ammonia conversion systems for solid or liquid UREA solutions. The system uses a catalyst to speed conversion by 10 times that of other systems minimizing ammonia inventory and reducing impurities.

Package Boiler SCR

Selective Catalytic Reduction for Package Boilers is now available by Peerless MFG. The system is a simple, compact and inexpensive way to get the lowest achievable Nox emissions from a package boiler.

Systems are in operation for small 500 HP fire tube boilers through large 200k PPH package boilers using bottled anhydrous or aqueous ammonia.