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Providing Combustion, Heat Recovery and Pollution Control Equipment to New England Industrial, Commercial and Utility Customers.

burner, combustion, pollution control, boilerBMR Thermal Inc. are Manufacturers Representatives in the Six New England States (MA, ME, NH, RI, CT and VT). We represent equipment manufacturers supplying burners, combustion, waste heat recovery, pollution control and general boiler related equipment.

Since 2015 we have embarked on a new focus.  Many of our principle companies will continue to be represented by BMR Thermal Inc. and we will focus on methods to achieve cleaner air in our environment. 

These methods include three paths to be used independantly or together for an ultimate system resulting not only in cleaner emissions, but efficiency improvements that lead to reduced costs as well as reduced emissions.

Low Emission Combustion, Energy Efficiency and Back End Pollution Control are the three paths to clean air and we represent the leading manufacturers for the best solution.

Low NOx combustion consulting is offered to help our customers through permitting, specification, bid evaluation, installation, start-up and emission compliance for new and retrofit burner projects.  With 30 years of experience in combustion equipment from design to commissioning we can find the right burner solution from any manufacturer.

Energy Efficiency and Waste Heat Recovery is the second path to clean air.   One of the primary methods to control and reduce green house gas, and carbon emissions is to reduce the amount of fuel burned.  Our Condensing Economizers, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers and Hydro-dynamic steam traps provide reduced air emissions along with substantial cost savings by recovering energy and reducing fuel consumption. 

The third path is through back end emission reduction using Selective Catalytic Reduction for NOx and Oxidation Catalyst for CO and VOC reduction.  We offer Ammonia systems for SNCR application and Flue Gas Conditioning Equipment for ESP efficiency gains. replacement Catalyst materials for existing SCR installations are available to replace catalyst that have served their useful life, and for improving reduction performance and reducing pressure drop..

For temporary steam requirements, we have the ability to provide Rental Boiler equipment from 100HP firetubes through very large water tube boilers at any pressure and tempearture with or without superheat.

We offer design and fabrication of complete exhaust Stack and Breaching systems for single fire tube boilers through large utility units.

With local environmental agencies becoming more and more strict on chemical storage and transport, we are now able to provide systems for Urea to Ammonia conversion to eliminate the hazardous transportation issue and minimize on-site storage of ammonia. We also have urea based SCR systems available for stationary engines, conventional boilers and solid fuel boilers.

We offer a complete scope of products and services from fuel supply through exhaust stack for Steam, Heating and Power generation by our Principle Companies;

BMR Thermal Consulting , CCA Combustiton Systems, DeJong / R&V, Peerless MFG. Co., Umicore, Combustion & Energy Systems, SWEP, IES Inc. & Nationwide Boiler .

Please see all of the links to our principle companies for additional information on the many ways BMR Thermal Inc. can provide benefit for your boiler, burner, combustion or energy related process.